Teisco SM-2L 1960's Cherry MIJ Japan Vintage

Teisco SM-2L 1960's Cherry MIJ Japan Vintage

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Teisco SM-2L

A wild old Japanese solid body; Teisco were student/entry level guitars built in Japan from the 60's and have become highly sought after in recent years for their wild looks and sweet sounding pickups. Everything about this guitar is bonkers, the way these guitars were designed and put together was a million miles away from what the Americans were doing; however these weren't trying to compete with the big boys! They were affordable first guitars to get young players and beginners something to learn on!

Our SM2L is a cool little (very little) axe sporting a bigsby style trem, roller bridge and 2 single coil pickups.

  • Plywood body
  • Maple (we think) neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • 22 frets
  • 2x single-coil pickups
  • 2x on/off slider switches for each pickup
  • 1x master volume
  • 1x master tone
  • Bigsby style tremolo 
  • Roller bridge
Our old SM-2L has been used (not abused) and looks brilliant for a guitar built in the 60's! We've set it up with a set of Daddario 9's and although the action is quite high, it plays and sounds great! Would make a super cool backup/cowboy chord guitar, or just a cool old piece of guitar history to hang on the wall!

The back of the guitar has been signed, we didn't want to rub off the signatures as it felt like we should honour the guitars history! However if you would like us to polish these off we will happily do that for you!

We endeavour to describe all our instruments with the upmost accuracy, if you have any questions about any of our guitars please don't hesitate to ask! All our guitars are professionally checked and set-up before they are shipped out to you, if you have any specific set-up requirements please let us know and we will happily accommodate you.